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We are always striving for mastery and become a leader in mechanical field so that we can create the perfect products to contribute to the growing of Vietnam and the world industry

  • In which context the Vietnam economy is more and more developing with a key of concentrating to build a modern and stable industrial foundation for long term development, therefore customers nowadays all desire to invest erection of the safe, modern and firm plant that would bring the highest business and lowest maintenance cost.
  • To meet above practical need, we – Nhat Long Co., has raise an our own mission is to bring customers solutions of erection of modern and completed plants and projects with undertake not only the most reasonable time and cost but also surpassing quality.
  • To accomplish that mission, we have incessantly set up our own team included the specialists and engineers who have long term industrial erection experience as well as the young engineers who quickly catch and approach the most modern erection method and technology. That has been helping us to approach and meet effectively the higher and higher requirements from customers.
  • Besides we also expect contributing to build the professional workers and engineers team for own nation, therefore we have constantly allied to the Technology Universities as well as the Career Teaching Schools to receive trainees who would have opportunity to check and apply their school knowledge in our real environment that is basis for them to contribute their ability to build and develop the nation industry just after graduation.