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Vinamilk dairy farms in Lam Dong

On 16/05/2012, at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, 300 cows imported from Australia byVinamilk has landed safely after 10 hours of flight. All the cows will be moved to the new dairy farm is being built in Lam Dong, the Nhatlong company responsible for the Manufacturing - Supply - Installation of all the technical components of the cattle breeding farm: 05 cow barns, the milking sector, cow 's wandering yard ...

To possible receive in time the first 300 cows moved from Australia, all engineers & workers of Nhatlong had to strived our best for completion the customer's demand, Vietnam Milk Joint Stock Co. - Vinamilk, such as: Technical quality - Aesthetics - Safety and ensure progress of project under control/ supervise by:

   - The owner (Vinamilk) supervisors and consultants of Industrial & Civil Designing Colsulting Co (IDCo).

   - Consultants of Deleval Co.

Our company is the nation's first company successful production of the separator bar used in the captive breeding cows,according to the designs are transferred from the company and investors Delaval Vinamilk . Let refer the extraction of the below article to understand important of the separator bar:

"To be most comfortable for cows during the feeding process, the designers have stuusdied and observed their reactionswhen standing and lying down in the cage compartment. The cow stood up in the same compartment cage out in thepasture. They need to dive down and lean forward to lift their body weight on both feet after standing up. In a cage comparment, they can lean forward or both left/ right side. It is difficult to the detailed parameters for the block cagebecause different breeds have different body sizes, need to make room for them tilted to either side when standing. Bendthe end of the cage so as not to prevent problems when cows move (above or below) will allow them to favor either side."(Source: Facilities for efficient cows - Deleval, posted on the website of National Instiute of Animal Husbandry/

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